2004 Chevy Impala Aftermarket radio problems

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2004 Chevy Impala Aftermarket radio problems

I recently installed an aftermarket radio in my 2004 chevy impala. I used the correct harnesses and adapters to mimic the original factory radio to preserve door chimes, etc. When the factory radio was in, it stayed on after shutting the ignition for a few minutes until you open the door (this is called retained accessory power and is normal). Now that I have installed the aftermarket radio, the aftermarket radio remains on even after the door is open--in other words, before I leave the car, I need to manually shut off the radio or it will play indefinitely.

Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix this issue??
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I have this problem in my wifes durango. Its sucks especially when you go and leave the radio on all night that has 2 amps and 3 subs hooked up to it. It kills the battery!! HA HA Easy fix. Only problem is I have to see the wires to fix. If no one posts I will look at the stereo in our vehicle tonight and let you know.
You need to hook your yellow wire from the harness to a switched power source if I recall. I have had to run a wire to my fuse box in my previous car. Red is for a constant power so red always goes to red. Let me double check though.
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OUCH! 3 subs with 2 amps all night long--not pleasant to wake up to!! battery must have been milked dry. i agree, though, red wire is typically the switched power line, while the yellow is for constant power to supply the unit with power to retain the correct time and preset radio stations. If i connect the yellow with the red, i suspect i will have to reset the clock and the presets every time i turn the car off. what do you think?
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Red power cable directly from battery all the way to amp power in.

Ground amp to chassis

RCA signal cables from radio (amp out) to input of amp

Blue power antenna cable from stereo's power antenna wire (blue) to amp (this is what turns off your amp when your turn your car off)


Make sure you run your amp power cable seperate from the RCA cables or you will get engine interfence through your speakers.
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Thanks HotinOKcity,
Are you suggesting that the only way to have it functioning properly is to wire it though an amplifier? Does the factory stereo come with a factory amp? I noticed under the deck in the trunk there is something installed--I always thought that might be the OBD computer, is it the amplifier?
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I think I got mixed up somewhere. I swear this thread was about adding a amp and sub......I must have been dreaming....bah

Anyways, you will have two power cables, one yellow, one red. Both need to be hooked up accordingly or else you stereo will not shut off.
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believe it or not, Hot, the red wire I have wired to the fuse box as a switched power supply, and the yellow wire I have wired to the harness as the "constant" power to retain clock and preset station memory. The stereo shuts off when I power it down. the problem is that it will power up even when there is no key in the ignition, and therefore, if i shut the car, and leave the radio on accidentally, it will remain on until kingdom come. I am trying to understand why, and how to resolve this. When i reinstall the factory stereo, this problem does not occur (i.e. the radio powers down when you turn off the car and open the door to cancel the retained accessory power feature.) How about that for weird?!
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autozone has quite a few wiring diagrams for your car you might look at it, but there is no reason it shouldnt work assuming you use the original radio harness and hook up the aftermarket radio correctly.
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radio problem

my aftermarket stereo wont work on my 2004 chevy venture.

i know why, but i cant fix it.

there are 2 power wires,
Yellow - power always own
red - power ignition on

when your installing the after market stereo using a harness, it doesnt work becuase Chevy's dont supply power to the red wire, (i checked it with ignition on, and a voltage tester). Your aftermarket radio will never come on

You have to find a work around, i will be doing more testing to figure it out. I suspect its something to do with that little connector (3 wires) beside the normal large connector.


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FYI - Best to start a New Topic by clicking on the "New Thread" button on the upper left rather than tagging onto an old topic...

In newer vehicles, the radios are on a computer network and computer controlled. They would always have power. Then turn themselves off via a computer network command. Done by a computer in the factory radio.

This is called "sleep mode".

So there would only be an "always on" power wire going to the radio. (Not an "alway on" wire plus an "ignition on" wire like would be found in older vehicles.)

So if you are buying an aftermarket adapter to install another radio or an aftermarket radio, THEY need to design their products to work with your vehicle.

If these products do not work, return them to the store.
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When did they start doing this? I just want to know so I can avoid those cars.
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Wrong fuse box connection

Your red wire in the fuse box is probably connected to a continuous power source. Try connecting to a fuse that turns off with the vehicle. I know on my impala the cigarette lighter works even when the car is off. So that wouldn't be a good place to make the connection. Find one that shuts off with the car and you should be golden.
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I'm sure the problem has been fixed by now since it's over 2 years. They may even have another car for all we know.
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