1993 Infinity j30 6 Cylinder Valve Job


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1993 Infinity j30 6 Cylinder Valve Job

Does anyone know where I can get a parts list to compare with what the Mechanic is giving me. Also What is a fare price for this job I was quoted $2500.00.

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This link is for the Maxima of the same year. The parts would be similar, but without the Infinti label. Keep in mind the label will jack the price up.

AutoZone.com | Vehicle Selection - Year

You would have all the gaskets, should install new cam bushings and cam seals, any valve seals, if you have a lot of miles on it - the exhaust valves, machine work to true the head surfaces, valve faces, new valve seats, and either magnafluxing or pressure checking the head for cracks and leakage, and finally the antifreeze/oil change - shop towels- coffee cups - donuts, etc.

As for the $2500, you have to love the car to sink that into just the upper end. For a V-6 and the Infiniti parts it wouldn't be cheap. If the rest of the car is in great shape, low miles and you plan to keep it, some would put the money into it. For a '93, I would hesitate.

Did you check into replacing the entire engine with a low mile salvage engine?

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