Please help me with my coolant question, (2002 malibu)


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Please help me with my coolant question, (2002 malibu)

hey all, i appreciate anyone willing to take the time out to look at my thread and help me..ok, my question is, i noticed the coolant level drops a little when i checked it today from yesterday, well the day before i topped it off, and then today it was about an inch and half or two lower in the resevior. ok, but heres the thing, theres no leakage on the ground under the car, the oil if fine, and i do not smell antifreeze, plus it dont overheat, what could possible be wrong, and if you know how much it would be to fix, the lowest estimate possible, lol. Just please dont tell me its a manifold or whatever its called, or a head gasket, thanks all.. RJ
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OK, I won't tell you................but from what you described, you,ve probably got a 3.1 V6 and it probably needs a lower intake gasket set and possibly head gaskets.......very common
You can do this yourself if you're resonably patient, have good hands, and a bench where you can lay out all the pieces and bolts you'll have to remove so you can put them back in the same sequence
The parts are cheap......The labor to have a tech do it will run $600-$1100 depending on how desperately the shop needs the work
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I concur with wrench47. However, I dont think your cylinder head gaskets are blown yet.
Good luck

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