98 Buick Regal, Serp Belt, smell/steering issues


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98 Buick Regal, Serp Belt, smell/steering issues

98 Buick Regal, 50k miles. Had a new Serp Belt put on 5 days ago, old belt hadn't broken, nothing wrong. Since new belt I noticed that when I come to a stop I smell alittle burnt rubber. Also, I can only turn the steering wheel 1/2 a turn if the car is in gear and not moving. If it's moving or in Park or Neutral I can turn the wheel easily/normally.
Q1. Should there be a smell/new belt break in time?
Q2. Is the steering issue caused by something happening when the new belt was put in?

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Something is not right with your car. There should be no 'smells' with a new belt. Sounds like it was somehow installed wrong.
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Sounds like it was mis-routed in relation to the power steering pump. Not sure how that would be possible, but definitely needs to be corrected. Be sure to post back what it was.

Maybe the wrong belt and it's too long causing slippage?

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