No heat


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No heat

I have a 2002 Chev Venture. The coolant level is fine. There is no coolant on the ground. The red "Hot Coolant" light comes on when the engine temp. gauge gets into the upper end. I'm not convinced the engine is overheating but I do know that I have no heat. Any suggestions?
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Does the fan work? I need more characters, where do I find them lol?
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Could be the thermostat stuck in the closed position, preventing the coolant from flowing throughout the system. If you have not replaced it recently, it's time to do so.
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Another area to check is the water pump. Some water pumps are manufactured with plastic impellars, and when these break, the symptoms are an overheating car but a cold heater.
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I hate to say it but that's the signs of a bad head gasket for that engine. Those 3.4L motors are very common for intake leaks and head gaskets. The head gaskets don't like the overheating.
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IF, in fact, the coolant level is where it should be then intake and head gaskets should not be an issue. Did you check the coolant in the radiator??? or just the overflow bottle????
Thermostat stuck closed would cause an overheat, but NOT reduce your heat till it caused sufficient coolant loss
Water pump IS a possibility but I've never seen this on a 3.1/3.4 as their impellers aren't plastic (Maybe you got a Chinese one????)
Or you may have 2 different problems????.........Clogged heater core/coolant fan inop????.........
First thing is to confirm there is coolant in the radiator
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Thank you for all the replies.

I did not check the coolant level in the radiator, just the overflow so I will check the radiator now. About nine months ago, I found coolant on the driveway but could not determine the source of the leak. I put a can of "stop leak" in and it did stop leaking. Is it possible that this product is a part of the problem?

What do you (wrench47) suggest I do if I find the coolant low in the radiator?
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If the coolant is low in the radiator, you have a bona-fide leak and need to check vehicle as such.
You added stop leak to the system?????. That, in and of itself may be contributing to the problem as those products not only stop the flow where the leak is, but can also stop flow in the heater core and radiator.........Good for a short term "patch" but NOT a long term solution
I'll bet the problem started with the intake gaskets........(prior to stop leak )

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