Tercel Headlight Problems!


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Red face Tercel Headlight Problems!

I have an `86 Toyota Tercel hatchback,and last night fiddling around I went and shorted out one of the headlight cables.
Now on high beam all I get is a very pale and yellow light, low beam seems pretty good if not normal. The oposite headlight works 100%. Have checked relay and fuses. What I want to know is this. Is there something else I should check before tracing cables for a burned connect or is that the first thing to do? The installation seems fairly simple, still I don't want to go to more depth than necesary. Another thing. Is it logical for me to be gettin a consistent lower voltage? I mean there is no flicker or anything, just a very pale light on low beam. It is not the headlight itself either.
To explain a little better what happened this is what I did. I wanted to see I got better light with a better grounding, so I took a wire from the negative battery post to the headlight, and managed to get it on the wrong headlight terminal. Stupid I know, but hindsight is better than foresight .
Hope I've made myself clear.
Thanks a million
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In your case I would start by checking and re tightening the battery cables at both ends. Then check for the ground wire from the headlight and clean and re tighten it's connection to the body.

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