oil cooler line


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oil cooler line

My wife's '98 chevy astro has started leaking. The guy at the Jiffy lube told her it's the oil cooler line leaking. Is this difficult to replace on an astro? I can't find it referenced in the haynes manual. Thanks!
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You need to check and see if it's the line or one of it seals.
I think on your auto, the line is bolted on one end and feeds to the radiator on the other.
That's where the seals are too.
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Oil Cooler Lines Leaking

to repace the lines you will have to lift the side of the engine that the lines run under a couple inches to allow clearance for the old ones to come out and to install the new parts. not that extremly hard to do but it is very messy as old oil leaks out when you remaove the old lines and then as your twisting and turning it to get it out they also leak alot of the oil out of them, so diong them laying on your back in the garage or driveway is extremly dirty and the old oil will stain your concrete. Most oil cooler lines are dealer only parts, meaning you can get them only from the dealer, most flat rate times are about 1.5 hrs to have the dealer change them so depending on how much the clothes cost and how bad your neighbors are going to be upset at the mess left in your driveway it might be better to just have the dealer do them. you can sometimes save a few bucks by going into the parts department and buying the lines from them yourself and them making the appointment to have the service department install them, the reason this happens is because most parts departments sell parts cheaper over the counter to people than what gets charged by the service departments on their invoice.
I suppose it is possible but most GM oil cooler lines have oring seals on the oil cooler lines so it is very unlikely that it is a seal is the cause of a leak
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I had a leak on my 1985 suburban trans line, I disconnected the line at trans and radiator moved it so I could work on it, cleaned really good and used a 350 watt sodering gun and soldered the hole, its been about 7 months, it has not leaked yet
good luck

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