1999 Chevy Astro Van Hesitation Issue


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1999 Chevy Astro Van Hesitation Issue

My issue is this:

My Astro starts fine and idles fine; however from around 20 to 30 mph it hesitates or chokes. It does not stall or lose power. I can push the accelerator and it smoothes out at around 30 mph with no issues above 30 mph. Sometimes it seems that if it is warm I have a lesser issue than if the engine is cold. When it hesitates it sometimes throws a generic misfire code. The wires, plugs, cap, and rotor are fairly new. I took off the cover and observed no arching on the wires and see no cracks in the cap.

fuel injectors
O2 sensor (one or all 3)
crank position sensor
one of the other million sensors on this van

It never stalls, only hesitates at a specific range of speed.
In park it does not hesitate when I rev the engine up.
I hate to spend hundreds of dollars replacing sensors, coils, and wires that may not be needed only to still have a problem (as others have).

Any and all help is appreciated.
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Have you had codes pulled to see what's in the memory? That would be step one; AutoZone and some others will read the codes for free.
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it only throws a code when I stop the engine speed in that zone and let the hesitation (choke) happen for an extended period of time. Then it only throws what the auto zone tech calls " a generic misfire code".
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Have you checked to see if there is a fuel line blockage of any kind? How long ago was the fuel filter changed?

A fuel pump going south frequently causes power fade during acceleration and recovers after reaching that speed and maintaining it. Does the van have any problems accelerating to freeway speeds and maintaining those speeds smoothly?

Did you pull the distributor cap and blow out any water or moisture accumulations (could be condensation on the inside of the cap itself)?

That's all I can suggest...
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Thanks to all, I have solved my problem. Beer 4U2
I have read everything I could find on many websites about this issue and the problem seemed to be either Air, spark, or fuel. In my case it was spark. I replaced my cap, rotor, plugs, and wires, with AC Delco parts and the problem is gone. I had purchased a throttle body sensor so I went ahead and put it on after the issue was resolved. As was suggested on other sites, I also took off the air intake and cleaned out the throttle body with cleaner and a rag, it was filthy. This seemed to make it run even smoother. Looking back I think this issue started happening a month or so after a tune up in which I paid top dollar for cap, rotor, plugs and wires. Those I now know were not AC Delco. I drove around with the dog house off for a day so I could see if there were any other issues; the heat generated by the engine is tremendous, I can see why once the dog house is on with the foil lining radiating the heat back on top of the cap and wires, it must break down the structure of the rubber and plastic very quickly. The cheap parts I was charged a high price for didn't last long.
I was so convinced that it was a fuel problem but it was electrical.
My van is running phenomenal now; thanks to the new parts and Chevy’s automatic timing. I passed CA smog today.

My first issues with this van were the vacuum lines cracking and having no way to trace them without taking off the dog house, then this issue, now my plastic radiator is leaking. I ordered one on eBay today for $115 shipped. An AC Delco one is $350.

One thing about Chevy from all I've experienced and read; everything made out of plastic and/ or rubber, disintegrates or breaks. (If you own an Astro, never run on less than 1/2 tank of gas or the fuel pump will overheat)
Never a dull moment when you own an Astro Van!
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I have had my 1999 Astro for 4 years, it never stalled, just the irritating, inconsistent hesitation, bog if i gave it too much pedal. So I replaced the spark plugs, (tough job by the way) it made a big difference but is still bogged out. So I did some research and really had no luck. Any service station I went to told me it is the fuel pump, bad fuel, water in the fuel. The only suggestion I could afford was the fuel filter, tried that but it did not help. Today I decided to change the Distributor cap and rotor myself. I bought the cheap generic part from a local auto parts zone. And after installing then driving it 3-5 miles this solved the problem. My Astro never ran this good! Thanks to me, I can now keep up with traffic. I hope this helps someone. Beer 4U2
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