starter replacement


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starter replacement

I have a 2002 chevy venture ( 3.4L). It sounds like the starter is going as their seems to be some weird grinding noises when you initially turn it over once in a while. Anyways, was wondering how difficult it is to change one of these on this vehicle. Thanks
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There not to difficult to change. That grinding noise may be a bad ring gear on the flex plate.
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What exactly is that and is it an expensive fix. thanks
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You might want to check your battery terminals.sometimes they may not deliver the right amount of amps to your starter.then you might want to check your conection at your starter it may be lose or falty?have your battery checked. do these things before your starter?when you change your starter if you have to you will see the teeth the starter makes contact with after you have remved the old starter.Have someone turn the engine buy hand buy putting a wrench on the front of the motor.make a mark on the flywheel teeth with a marker to make sure you have gone all the way around.while watching the teeth make sure ther are no broken teeth if you see nothing wrong install new starter and retest.

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