Dodge Caravan Dashboard goes out


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Dodge Caravan Dashboard goes out

My wife's Dodge 1999 Caravan dashboard light's go out while driving intermittently. Also, she went to start the van, the fuel gauge, odometer, etc did not light up and the van would start up, run for appox. 5 seconds and then kill. She waiting for 30 minutes, started it again and the dash works, van stays running for her. Any suggestions?

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the instrument cluster probably has a problem have seen quite a few that just had a bad solder connection causing an intermitant connection would probably start by pulling the cluster and checking the solder joints it can be difficult to see a bad solder connection but if you look closely or use a magnifing glass you can usually see the solder cracked around the pins and its simple fix to resolder them but most shops would probably just replace the cluster.
as for the start and die its sounds like the antitheft was enabled for some reason if it happens again would suggest you take it to a shop for diagnossis.
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I had the same thing going on with my Saturn. Turns out I had a loose negative battery cable. Felt like a heel after troubleshooting for a few days and then found it when I replaced the battery.

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