check engine, 1997 Dodge Stratus


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check engine, 1997 Dodge Stratus

my check engine light came on yesterday. I noticed that when driving the coolant temp rises and falls, and heat loss inside the cab goes along with the rise. Could this be the thermostat or water pump? I just want to keep repair cost low! when I turn the key from off to run 3 times leaving it on the 3rd time the check engine light flashes 1217 55 but I have been unable to find this code on the internet! any help would be greatly appreciated! The engine is 2.4, the codes I have found so far on the net is "12 Battery or computer recently disconnected"
and "17 Engine stays cool too long (bad thermostat or coolant sensor?) "

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Not sure about the code, but how many miles are on it. Did it just turn 100k or something like that? Some vehicles eng. light comes on when it is time to have a tune up.
If you wanna cheap easy fix, try the thermostat? That shouldn't cost much more than 10 - 15 bucks I wouldn't think.

Here's a link $12 Bucks for a 2.4 engine though, not sure what size yours is?

Thermostat - OE Replacement by Stant - Advance Auto Parts

Good Luck
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12 - Battery disconnected
17 - Engine too cold too long
55 - Completion Of Fault Code Display

I'm thinking thermostat, like 'plank.

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