2001 Chevy Impala-Fuse problem


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2001 Chevy Impala-Fuse problem

Hello anyone,

I have a 2001 Chevy Impala and as I was driving from Wisconsin to Cleveland my interior lights went on. This would be the door lights, the rear view mirror lights, etc. I found the appropriate fuse and removed it to temporarily solve the problem. The fuse box is on the passenger side, and controls the remote lock/unlock and the interior lights. Anyway, now that the winter is winding down I put the fuse back in and the lights went right back on. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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Is the instrument panel showing a door ajar icon? I'd look at that door switch if it does. If not, the manual control (if it has one) for the interior lights would be my next thought.

Not a Mechanic...just a thought.
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It does not, however it does have the check engine light and service vehicle soon light on. I have taken it to a couple mechanics and they say their machines do not show anything wrong accept for the gas cap trick, I replaced and it still came on, I took it back and they said it was the same error code. They reset it and it still went back on. I live with it now.
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These and Monte Carlos are known to have BCM issues with multiple problems, this one of them. A scan tool is a must in properly diagnosing this issue. Otherwise, you will more than likely be throwing parts at it trying to fix it yourself.
But it could very well be a faulty door latch or a pinched wire.

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