power steering belt changing project


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power steering belt changing project

I'm sorry, only I would make a project out of this. I really have very little idea what I'm doing, but I think I'll be able to figure this one out. So, I bought a replacement belt for the power steering/AC for my 2003 Mazda Protege5 2.0 liter and I tried to swap out the old with the new a couple days ago. It's a tight compartment and I need a shorter extension for my ratchet. I found the tensioner, but I think I have to loosen the three screws on the plate adjacent to the tensioner screw. Does that seem right to you all?

Also, uhm... after I loosen the bolts, will the belt just pop right off? Finally, how will I know the new belt is tensioned properly? Do I have to buy a tool? Or do you just estimate most of the time?

Thanks in advance
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This should help...just scroll down to the applicable daigram.

AutoZone.com | Vehicle Selection - Year
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Very interesting. I have a shop manual in .pdf form that's a little clearer, but still not as clear as pie. There always seems to be more than one diagram that could apply to my vehicle.

Anyway, my questions still remain, once I loosen the appropriate bolts, will the belt come right off and how will I know I've properly tensioned the new belt?


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