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fuel type

I saw a pump which said something about ethanol but could not get details
I called my dealer who said my 2007 Toyota Corolla can use anything except diesel- I think he was pulling my leg.

I thought I read I could use any octane unleaded even with 10 % methanol.
Thank you

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I don't think it's methanol... maybe ethanol. 10% ethanol. The dealer may also be presuming that you will only be buying gas in the same general area where you bought the car. in other words, you may not be in a state where E85 Flexfuel is for sale... What your dealer was hinting at, anyway, is that you should buy the cheapest fuel you can find (85/87 octane). That's my sneaking suspicion. E85 is 15% ethanol and it's only available, that I'm aware, in the Midwestern states. It's almost obsolete. Around MD, you'll be fine with whatever the gas station was selling.
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Just a correction...E85 is 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline. It's actually becoming more available, as it uses grain alcohol produced from various fermented biomass products. You would know if you can use E85..there would be a note in your manual. And I think a sticker on the gauge or gas cap??

M85 was an 85% methanol/15% gasoline blend and it seems to be going by the wayside. It's very corrosive to fuel system parts. Methanol is mostly produced from natural gas.

Many places have 10% ethanol in the gas...for emissions purposes I believe.

I think the dealer was stating as sean said...use the cheapest regular fuel commonly available. Many sporty type vehicles specify Premium gas...VW's alot if I remember correctly, one reason we didn't get a Passat last time we were buying.

Heres some reading

Alternative Fuel Types
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fuel type

I was just speaking with Toyota and they said I can use 87% octane and up and never to use methanol. I can use 10% ethanol with regular gas.
So thank you all for your help.

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