99 Ford Ranger Stalls


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99 Ford Ranger Stalls

99 Ranger, 4 cyl, 5 speed, 110K + (odometer no longer functions).

Borrowed the truck from a friend during vehicle crisis. (Utility pole fell on one car, other car's timing chain broke). Runs well, but suddenly started stalling at low idle, specifically at stops and slow turns. Also started hearing an intermittent, metallic "tick" sound from the engine compartment, like a loud relay or a valve opening. The tick seems to happen every minutes or two, but not at regular intervals and under no specific conditions that I can tell.

After shut off, I hear a slight hissing, gurgling sound from the front of the car (radiator?) that seems to stop after a minute or two.

All of the symptoms may be related or not. I want to give as much info as possible.


Thanks as always.

Down on car luck
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are you sure the clicking sound isnt coming from the ac compressor kicking in and out, some vehicles do run the ac compressor in defrost mode.
that would also explain the noise after shut off as the pressures equalize in the a/c system.
would probably just check all fluid levels to make sure they are ok but your stalling problem is probably due to low base idle speed wich is often caused by a gummed up throttle body and throttle plate usually cleaning will fix, a build up occurs at the throttle plate wich over time reduces the air that can flow by it thus lowering your idle speed and eventually causing the engine to stall at idle or at times when your not pressing on the accelerator.
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Good call about the compressor. It's been warm here in SC over the last week and I've been running the A/C. I'm not used to the noise that accompanies a utility vehicle so it never occurred to me that it could be the A/C.

Today it is chilly (for South Carolina) so no A/C. No clicking. No stalling.

Being the truck is borrowed, I am trying to stay attuned to any issue that may arise. I don't want to let any potential problem get worse under my watch.

Thanks for the good comments.
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When the A/C is turned on, theres a solenoid (I think?) that bumps the idle speed up a couple of hundred RPM to account for the load from the compressor. On some cars you can see/feel it happen...comp on..idle drops a bit then comes back up. Comp off..idle goes up a bit then back down.

Sounds like maybe that isn't happening, since you didn't have the problem when its off.

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