Squeaking noise in wheel?


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Squeaking noise in wheel?

Just wanted to run this by you as I haven't had a chance to look at this issue yet. I have a 2002 PT cruiser. It was just inspected a month ago and everything passed and brakes were good. There seems to be a fairly loud (constant when present) annoying squeaking noise present ( on the passenger side). When at a stop when you start to accelerate the noise gets louder and louder. If you hit the brakes it seems to change the tone a bit or if you turn the wheel slightly right it will change the sound or disappear for an instance. The kicker is it doesn't always do this. Yesterday, it did it the whole drive for about 7 miles and then I shut the car off while getting gas and I drove it another 3 miles and the noise was gone. Drove it to work this morning (about 8 miles) and the noise was not there. Seems to be very intermittent, but seems to be in the wheel and not a squealing belt or anything. Any thoughts. Thanks
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That noise could be a bearing going bad, to dirt/stones in between your brake pad and rotor. That is all the info I can give b/c I am just a fellow diy'er GOOD LUCK!!
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May be the brake wear indicator making the squeal noise.

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