1995 Olds delta Eighty Eight Security light Flashing and no start


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1995 Olds delta Eighty Eight Security light Flashing and no start

I just bought a 1995 Olds delta Eighty Eight. Started up and drove it home just fine and shut it off twice. Now it will not roll over at all. Security light in the dash is flashing at me once the key is forward. I crossed the starter the engine fire up but then shut right off. What would have caused this? There is that metal thing in the key. There are two keys that go to the same ignition. One of the metal tabs is more war down than the other. could this of caused the problem?

Pleased help me
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I would say wash and dry your keys good
Try a couple washes if necessary.
Also contact past owner and see if there are past issues
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security system

X2 on cleaning the key. I was changing the oil in mine and must have gotten the key dirty and no start. I washed it up and no trouble since. RW
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if cleaning doesnt work you may have a bad tumbler or broken wires at the tumbler if you have an ohmeter you could ohm the tumbler should read open with the key out and read whatever resistance you key is when key is inserted the wires to the tumbler are usually inserted at the turn signal switch connector at the base of the steering column hook you ohmeter up there to test.
if it is a bad wire or tumbler you can either replace the tumbler or bypass it with a resistor that matches the resistance of your key.

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