1999 GMC Jimmy


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1999 GMC Jimmy

got a 99 jimmy 4.3 vortec, noticed coolant in the oil, alot, what am i up against, is it a cylinder head gasket, intake gasket, please help. the motor runs like a perfect. it has 178,000 km,s. how big of a job is this.
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would suspect an intake leak, hopefully you caught it before the engine got damaged.
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If you check (Auto Repair Price Estimates | Auto Shop and Mechanic Ratings : RepairPal) , it will ask you all info on vehicle , and you pick out repairs for quote in your area.
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My 1999 Jimmy had the same problem at 130,000 miles. My wife's 2000 Blazer with 85,000 miles will be a candidate soon.

My mechanic was not surprised because he sees many of these (once a week or so) for many GM products of the 1995-2005 vintage. His wife's went out at 120,000 miles and he is watching several others.

The was big dispute between GM and the anti-freeze supplier, where neither would back down.

He replaced mine, but only would do it if I used a better gasket and different coolant. It can be a very difficult job for a DIYer, but a mechanic that has seen it a number of times can be much more efficient.

If you are lucky, you know a qualified independent mechanic with the shop and all the diagnostic tools. Since a lot of things come off this is a good time to do more extra work done and avoid the double payment you get hit with combined jobs from a place that bills by the job and not by time.

Two months earlier, I had him look at my sepentine belt and he said it was not bad enough to replace. When the intake gaskets were replaced he replaced the belt for no labor cost and also flushed the radiator since I mentioned it a few months earlier. He had it in and torn apart, so it seemed to make sense.

If you have a sound car with a lot of miles and no tools or facilities, you need to find someone other than a dealer to do the work and give you straight answers.


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