Camry oil confusion

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Angry Camry oil confusion

Hello all, I just bought a 1994 toyota camry it took me 3 years on SSI to save up and get a decent car. It has 114,miles 2.2L 5ES engine. I went to a garage and paid a machanic 50 dollars to check the car over before I bought it. tThat was 2 moths ago. He said it was a good reliable car so I bought it. last week I took it in for an oil change and the garage stripped the oil plug screw I took it back and they denied doing it. I took it to another garage they said the oil pan was bad along with the plug and wanted 478dollars to fix. They also said my valve cover had a small leak. Another garge told me the pan was fine just change the gasket and plug. I went to Auto Zone with a friend who new how to do the work and we got what we needed. when we got to the screws on the passenger side., there was this rubbery hard fomy thing covering the screws there and we could not get to them without going through this rubber. We went back up to auto zone the guy Tim said to use the putty knife or a screw driver to piece it off. I asked him if I needed a new one he said "No" that it was not important and that who ever I bought the car from probrobly put it there to cover up an oil leak. So we pieced it off and repaired the oil pan with a gasket and the sealer and a knew oil pug. We replaced the oil and thought all was well. Now when the car sits and is cold it does not leak oil much but after I drive it a few miles and the engine is hot there is a trail of oil droping from behind the car and puddles when it sits. I'm looosing about 1quart of oil every 20 miles just a guess tho all I know is it's bad.I thought my friend did the oil pan wrong so I went back up to AutoZone to get new supplys and the guy I was talking to said I needed 2 rubber gaskets along with the pan gasket. I do not have 2 oil pans. I told him about the rubber thing I took off He said that was the rear main seal and that that was what I need the rubber gaskets for. I'm so confused. Did my friend and I accidently piece out the wrong gasket?The gasket was on the outside of the oil pan when I told them what Tim said to me that it was not important ,these2 guys at AutoZone got real weird on me and told me they did not carry the gaskets I needed and to take it to a dealer. I looked under the car and it looks like its leaking from the passenger side wear the rubber thing was at. could sombody please help me? Did I just screw my car up totally?Could my engine be damaged? If not were is this leak and what was that rubber thing?If it is my rear main seal can I fix this myself with the proper tools.I can't afford this kind of repair. Maybe I'll buy a lotto ticket and pray for the best. Thank you for your help and our Lords Blessings to you all.
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First off. You should have escalated the situation when the drain plug got messed up on the oil change. I'm going to to a stab here and assume this was a Jiffy Lube, Quick Lube, type of place. If so, in the future stay as far away from those places as possible. I would have gone up the chain of command and hounded people until they fixed what they screwed up.

No for the main problem. It sounds as if your friend either didn't put the new gaskets in correctly or possibly messed something else up in the process. If the rear main seal is screwed... well I'd suggest taking to a reputable shop nad having them repair the car.

I know you saidd you couldn't afford this kind of repair, however, by the time you keep spending money on having your friend do it over and over you'll most likely end up spending less money by just having an actual tech that knows what he's doing fix it right the first time. Also, some shops will work payment plans.

Bottom line, yes the car is screwed up. Pay a lot now, or pay ever MORE later. Sorry to bear bad news but it's the truth.
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I don't think the car is screwed up beyond a fairly easy fix. I do think the pan needs to come off and gasket re-done. Go to the dealer for parts. I don't generally recommend dealerships for service work, but sometimes going to their parts department is a good idea. Among other things they will know the exact parts involved and can probably also print you a diagram.

I'm rather skeptical that you would have a main seal leaking. My wife's previous Camry ('95) had very little leakage at 175,000 when we traded up to her current one. A slight valve cover leakage is generally not a big issue. I think the only oil leak I ever had to fix on the wife's was from the distributor shaft seal (driver's side of head/valve cover), but that was at about 140,000 miles or so. Also, the oil pump seals had begun to leak, but we were still living with that at 175k.

You didn't say, but the garage you trusted to check it out initially, are they in this mix somewhere???

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BTW an aftermarket pan and gasket can be had for less than $100, so I'm hoping it wasn't your favorite garage that quoted you $478 to replace it.

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