Yellow Foam in Engine Oil


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Yellow Foam in Engine Oil

I have a 1997 Saturn SL2 that has a yellowish foam in the PVC valve and oil fill opening? Not sure what is causing it. The car is not loosing antifreeze. Any ideas?
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Depending on the type of antifreeze...I'd guess you have cooling water leaking into your oil.

EDIT.....Ahh the original post changed as I was responding.

How much is the car driven..enough to burn off any moisture that collects?
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As far as I can tell I am not loosing any antifreeze. Any other thoughts?
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The car is driven Mon-Fri 25 miles round trip to work and back
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Where do you live????

In harsher winter climates , this is somewhat normal. As mentioned, Moisture collects from the temperature change when you "Park" the vehicle and it cools down. When you drive it again in the AM, the moisture "Boils Off" and collects at the highest point, Usually in the valve covers , or oil filler neck.

Drop your oil change intervals to 2250, and when the summer comes , it will dissipate on its own.

I work for Chrysler, and all of our Trucks have a Baffle in the filler neck. This doesnt eliminate the problem, but just makes it so that the customer cant see it......This one truly is out of sight--out of mind.

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