Car speakers keep going on and off.....

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Car speakers keep going on and off.....

I hope this is the right forum. Just bought my daughter a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, it had factory radio, not sure if speakers were replaced. The front speakers work but the rear speakers go off and on. Thought maybe radio was bad, put in new stereo, new data bus wire harness, everything works but the rear speakers do the same thing. You hit a bump and they'll come on, hit another bump they go off. Any idea's, I tried everything, I think..........
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My stereo (in my '90) is bad that way also, dadgum it. Here in my '91 it was such a spectacular sound system I could not tell where the music sound was coming from! I was encapsualted within it. No static. Pure beautiful full rich sound!

You say you have tried everything. Obviously not. If you replaced the stereo itself, you must have wire or speaker issue(blown out/torn paper). It just has to be. If two speakers work you would not think it be a radio to ground issue.

If you have a little extra cash laying around, maybe you would be less frustrated to have one of those car audio shops (maybe even Best Buy does this?) to run down the cause. That is their occupation. Running down electrical problems, especially when you can't find all the wires (frayed under the carpet?/under car somewhere?)can be frustrating.

Another obscure possibility I thought of is if say giant speakers were put in and too low of a wattage a stereo was put in to drive them.
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Sounds like you have a short or open in the speakers. If you have a multimeter, I would suggest probing the rear speakers to see if you get about 4 ohms. If there is a short, you'll get about zero, if open you'll get an over limit (OL) reading. Either way, you'll likely need new speakers.
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If it goes on and's probably a wiring issue. I've blown up a few speakers in my day..and when they go bad..they go forever. If it was a bad might hear a rattle or buzzing type sound when they work.

Run a couple of temporary speaker wires and see if it stops..then you'll know if you have to trace the old wiring.

Not sure if this car uses a common signal ground, but if it does and both speakers quit at same time, I'd suspect that to be the issue.

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