trouble starting 95 caddy seville


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trouble starting 95 caddy seville

my uncles having trouble getting this car to start. he replaced the starter, altenator and'll turn over a couple times but slow and it drains the battery dead overnight. when he turns it over a little smaoke comes out and has a rubbery smell. please help!!! he paid a grand thinking it was just the altenator and he has yet to drive this car!
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sounds like this car probably has more than one problem but would start by charging the battery and remove the drive belt and try cranking it over with the belt off to see if it cranks over at normal speed if it does would look at all the pulleys and accessories try turning them by hand to see if something is locked up, if I had to guess the burning smell maybe the belt slipping on a seized up pulley.
after you get it cranking over good if it still doesnt start you will need to do some test like checking for spark and fuel pressure once its running you can move onto battery draw issues but till then would just disconnect when your not working on it and charge as needed.
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slow cranking and smoke can be caused by a bad connection. Knowing where exactly the smoke is coming from might lead you to the problem.

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