2000 Regal electric window off track


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2000 Regal electric window off track

The motor is running but the window isnt going up. It is stuck at about 5 inches open. Can anyonel please tell me how to fix this before i open it up? I have read a few things but nothing specific for this car. Are they all basically the same? Thanks!
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Can anyone please help wiht this issue?
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probable window regulator issue.........Common
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For now, gently apply both hands to each side of the glass and raaaaiiiiise it up ... Careful careful......
Now have an assistant run a strip of duct tape across the top of the glass attaching it to the top of the door; preferably two or three, or more.......
You now can get the inside panel off and see what's what in there.
I did this on a Camry with a Haynes manual in hand, never having tried it B4. Not rocket science, here. The main thing is finding all the connecting points on the inside panel. The electric master switch panel will unclip rather easily.
Don't be in a hurry. Look around in there before tackling anything.
I'd recommend a repair manual, though,
Good luck & get back and brag a little!
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I hope you have better luck than I have had with my 97 Century. Three windows quit working at different times but each time it was almost $400.00 because the entire thing comes as an assembly including the motor. No more Buicks here.

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