03 Silverado wiper issue


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03 Silverado wiper issue

Been searching and found some posts that either the wiper motor or the circuit board connections being cold soldered were the issues. My left wiper works, but the right one either does not work or is usually out of sync. I would like to check this pcb for cold solder joints but cannot find it, any help would be appreciated. -saxet

2003 V8 6.0Liter 1500HD -secondary issue is:

lost the oil press. gauge. fuse?
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The wipers do not operate Independantly, Left and right....They are linked together.... Which eliminates any hint of electrical Anomolies....

Likely you will have a Stripped Shaft or Wiper arm on the right side. With the wipers Turned off, Try and move them across the glass by hand...anything that moves semi- freely is damaged and must be replaced.

Oil gauge doesnt have its own fuse, , It works on the same power supply as the rest of the instrument cluster.... Do the other gauges function???? If so you will need top locate the Oil pressure sender unit, and test from there.
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Yep, the right side wiper moves easily. How hard is it to get that cover off?

Lost oil press., speedo, and gas gauge...
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In the meantime, until you get it fixed - get some rainex - that stuff rocks!

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