1999 toyota corolla starter problem


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Angry 1999 toyota corolla starter problem

This is the second time this has happened. About a month ago, i started the car and the starter kept running. I shut the car off and the starter kept running, turned the key, started the car again and the starter kept running. Shut the car off again and the starter finally shut off.
This morning, same problem again, but it took longer to get the starter to stop. I finally hit the gas pedal hard while the car was running and the starter stopped.

Could it be the solenoid or starter?

And how hard is it to fix or replace?
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Replace the starter. I don't see a external starter solenoid for your vehicle.

Should not be that difficult. You may have to remove some hardware to get to it.
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However, Have your Battery and charging system thourougly checked.......

It sounds silly, but there is a method to my madness. Many smaller starters in 4cyl import variety, have what is called a "Hold -In" coil incorporated into the solenoid. This frees up the current needed to keep the solenoid engaged during Cranking. When you release the key, the hold in coil de energizes and returns to "At rest" position.

A battery in "So-So" shape may be drawn down too far by normal cranking, and may not have enough "Juice" to Kick the Hold in coil out...thus keeping the starter motor running after the key is released....
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1999 toyota corolla starter problem

Thanks for the help, i greatly appreciate it.
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Interesting, unc.

Perhaps my neighbor's Nissan Sentra 1.6L had this? when his starter would grind away after he left off from start position, But in his case, even susbstituting my good battery into his car did not help. So something was toasted about the starter. A new one cured it, in his case.

But I'm sure many of us will keep your post in mind (if we can remember, that is) with the foreign little car starters, and to be really sure about the batteries(or maybe even bad connections?), first.

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