Front end problems again


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Front end problems again

This is regarding a previous post a few weeks ago I had for my 2002 PT cruiser with only 22,000 miles on it. There was a pretty good clunking in passenger side wheel when going over bumps slowly. Took it to the shop and they inspected the whole front end and found that the passenger outer tie rod was worn ( i witnessed this personnaly as I was there and there was a bit of slop in it, no slop in other wheel though). So they changed this and I picked it up and drove it for a day or so and everything seemed fine. Now the clunking seems to have traveled to the drivers side and the passenger side souds good. Most of the time you don't notice it until you go over bumps slowly with the bad side, if you hit bumps straight on it sounds fine. Also, this morning I noticed when your driving down the road if you turn the wheel ever so slightly to the right you feel a tapping/knocking in the gas pedal which it never did. When turning corners it doesn't do it. I have the car going in Friday but wanted to know any thoughts. They advise all balljoints, struts look fine. Thanks
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I know with Taurus' and Focus' the sway bar links like to make noise going slowly over bumps at about the same mileage. Depending on what the shop disconnected when they replaced the bad tie rod they may have inadvertently made the other side bad. I don't imagine the shop did anything to your gas pedal as there is no linking the tie rod to the gas pedal. This may be just a freak occurance.
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Did a quick browse on some other forums.

In addition to the sway bar, tie rods, and stuts already mentioned other items that came up include motor mount(s), lower control arm bushings, wheel bearings and sway bar bushings. One poster went so far as to remove the sway bar from his car and test drive it to isolate the problem. After viewing several forums it appears as though the PT is not an exceptionally well-engineered vehicle, although I've rarely had one on the "hook".
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Originally Posted by the_tow_guy View Post
After viewing several forums it appears as though the PT is not an exceptionally well-engineered vehicle, although I've rarely had one on the "hook".
Thats because Most people decide to abandon them when they stop running

The feeling in the Gas pedal is due to the location of the sub frame mounts. Anything that bangs against the subframe will be felt in that immediate area.

Sway bar bushings , stabilizer links, and control arm bushings are all commonly serviced Items on these cars.....
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