ABS Traction Control Fault, Montana 2001


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ABS Traction Control Fault, Montana 2001

This seems to be a perenial problem.

Wet weather, the traction control off light comes on when the tires are not on a slippery surface, just wet. Usually just after going through a puddle.

It has been into the dealership 7 times in 8 years. I've just gone under myself and found that all they seem to have ever done is clean the area and wrap electrical tape around the wires.

I just went in and put on some silicone to help prevent the water from getting in. It doesn't seem to have helped.

Is there any sure fire solution out there? I'm getting tired of the traction control and eventually the ABS not functioning on this unit.

Only 160,000 K on this van and I would like to keep it for another 5 years.

All and any input is appreciated.

Rob In Alberta
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Two things come to mind in the "SIMPLE FIX " category.....

Double check tire pressures, and set them to the "Card" value. I believe it should be listed on the Drivers door.

While looking at the drivers door sticker, Make sure the tires are the correct size for the Vehicle.....More than a size up or down, will confuse the wheel speed sensors at the SLIGHTEST Hint of slippage.
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Just an update...

I resealed the cable to the left hub of the front wheel. This has worked very well for the past 3 months. Not a stitch of a problem.

This week though the problem came back. Now the traction control and the abs indicators are lit.

We have had the rotors turned in the past but we have had the front pads replaced once. I'm thinking that it may be time again.

Any insight out there?


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ABS light

The wheel speed sensors are basically a device at the end of a coaxial cable that generates electrical current based on wheel speed. At the mileage you describe it isn't unusual to have one or more sensor cables frayed due to continued flexing with wheel travel. I don't believe any amount of sealant will be beneficial as the sensors were designed to work in a wet and hostile environment. The cable wear won't be externally visible.

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