Broken Y-pipe studs


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Broken Y-pipe studs

I have a 97 ford f-150. The exhaust manifold studs for the Y-pipe have on the passenger side got thin and broke.
Wondering what the best way is to get these out so I can install new ones.
There is enough exposed to get vice grips on, but not enough room to get on them.
Is there any practical way to get these things out?
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Good luck

I hate it when that happens.
I worked in the scrap yard for 7 years and those things were a hassle.
So I take it that they are the studs that go into the exhaust manifolds.
I would start by taking the y pipe off and seeing what kind of room you have. Maybe you have already done that.
I would get the area cherry red with the torch and gently try it being careful not the break them flush inside the manifold.
If not successful I would pull the manifolds off the heads if I could. Often times those studs will break off inside the head then there was real problems. I would just automatically cut the heads off the bolts that went into the heads and pull the manifolds off then work on the frozen bolts with some room.
Then take the manifolds to the shop and work at them in comfort with the torch.
Believe it or not, some of them never came out.
As a do it yourselfer now, I dont even have torches.
I do what I can with the penetrating fluid and a small propane torch and if I cant get it then its straight to the auto shop.

Another idea would be to take it to a scrap yard and see what they can do
When I worked at the scrap yard a couple of the local shops would bring their cars to me to cut or heat and loosen frozen bolts. My day was half filled with using a torch so I became magic with it. Almost a surgeon with heat. Something I could not duplicate today.

Good luck with it and dont feel bad if you cant get it.
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If you can't get your hands on a mig welder & a torch, take it to an exhaust shop. I used to weld a nut onto the stud, heat the manifold & out they came. Did that hundreds of times and it never failed.
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I agree with the above posters. As soon as I started wrenching, my first big tool purchase was an oxy-acetylene torch. It was the only way to remove some rusted fasteners, especially exhaust system fasteners. Only bright red heat will get the fastener to budge.

One tip: It helps to dab some candle wax onto the joint after heating. The wax gets drawn in and provides some lubrication.
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I see this problem alot, there is a new product called the Hush studfix that is an easy, inexpensive repair. You can buy it where they sell AP exhaust parts. There is also a neat website that shows how it works at the Hush This thing really is a neat because it allows you to repair the studs without removing the exhaust manifold.

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Broken y pipe studs

You should try a new repair part called the Hush studfix. It is a new way to replace the bad stud without having to remove the exhaust manifold. You can find it where they carry AP. Exhaust products. There is also a web site with pics at the hush

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