1998 Toyota CamryXLE-how do you replace stop/brake light bulb?


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1998 Toyota CamryXLE-how do you replace stop/brake light bulb?

How do you replace a stop/brake light bulb?

I opened the truck, looked inside and on left side, saw a plastic corner piece in which popped out the two retaining locks (they look like phillips head,but just retaining clips) then saw the electric light assembly.

Around this plastic peice, I saw three or four metal nuts...Do I remove these nuts to loosen the outside lens plate, or just replace the bulb from the inside of the trunk? There are three different bulbs, the brake bulb is the first one facing the outside of the car,not towards the trunk.

The wiring is pretty stiff,but I did manage to turn counter-clockwise the bulb,tried to pull out towards the inside of the trunk, but was afraid I might loosen the other two wires. Does that make any sense so far?

So the question remains, Do I replace the brake/stop bulb from the inside of the trunk, or the outside and remove the lens?
Thank you very much!
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Try this

On most Toyotas it is done from the indise of the car not the trunk.
Push in on the sides of the plastic housing and pull back and up.
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Not sure if this is what applies to yours or not.
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Thumbs up I found it!

This brake/Stop light is closest to the Bumper,not the set of lights actually on the trunk.

Ok, here's what I did. I opened up the trunk, on the left side there is a plastic piece that covers the light assembly. There are two retaining clips that look like phillips heads.

You unscrew the part in the middle then it loosens up and pops out. Then I removed the #3157 bulb, this was actually on the side closest to the inside of the trunk,not the other side,which I thought and that numbered bulb was #3156.

The bulb base unscrews counter-clockwise. replace it and Voila! Just saved a fix-it ticket and someone charging me $20.00 to do this. I hope this helps.
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