steering wheel wobble


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steering wheel wobble

I have a 2002 PT cruiser( 22,000 miles) that has the whole front end inspected and both outer tie rod ends replaced do to clunking in the wheels over bumps. Just picked it up from the shop the other day and the clunking is finally gone. The only issue I see now and it has done it for quite some time even before either rods were replaced is that while driving,when you take pressure off the steering wheel it actually wobbles back and forth a bit. When you put pressure on it it stops and everything seems fine. I thought it may be the tires as they have never been rotated but now they have and it still does it. It had an alignment and everything appaers to be good the shop says. Any idea what would cause this. THanks
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Have the tires inspected for broken belts. Usually felt at slow speeds. Will get worse the more tires separate.
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Does the car pulse when braking......? Could be warped rotors.
Could also be bad tires as pugsl said or bent rims......what tire brand are these....?

Check the true of the rims. Jack up each wheel and put a screw driver on brick next to your rim and slowly spin the wheel while observing the gap between the screwdriver tip and your rim edge.

BTW......that condition drives me absolutley nuts!
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Sounds like tires (belts) to me too, but only other thing that comes to mind is a possible worn CV joint, wobbling a bit, but I would hope they were checked during front end inspection.
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