Scissor LIft? Completely stumped


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Scissor LIft? Completely stumped

First let me say I don't even know what forum this should go in....I'll try here.

k guys, obviously I'm not smart enough to figure this one out, so lets see if any of you have any suggestions. I do have some electrical knowlege, but am not an electrician by trade (fyi). I have a Marklift 24v scissor lift. It worked absolutely fine before I stored it away for the winter in my garage. Well, I went to use it this week and the batteries were big deal, so I charged them up. When I went to move it the 24v solenoid would just I did some checking...took out the voltmeter, each battery had 6v, they are run in series, so I checked the series and 23.5v...everything good there. Checked the voltage into the solenoid and 23.5 going in. aprox. 20 going out. Didn't know what was going on, so I went and bought a new 24v solenoid....same exact clicking sound with no movement of the lift. So then I took some jumpercables to try and jumper around the solenoid so I could get the lift up a little bit and look at other wires. So I hook up the jumper cables to the batteries, and run them back to the pump....hook them up directly to the pump to see if it would do anything, and it was completely dead. I checked the jumper cables and I have aprox 23v there is the part I don't understand, as soon as I hook the cables up to the pump, and take a voltage reading I get nothing. I checked multiple times...On the pump lugs, no reading...take the cables off, I have a voltage reading. I have been trying to figure this out all day! Anyone have any suggestions, or experience with any of this stuff? If so, I would greatly appreciate any advice or help you can give. Thanks,
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Have all of the batteries load tested, I suspect you have some bad ones. The batteries can show a good charge while no load is on them, but once you put a load on them the voltage will go to nothing. Replace, recharge as needed and you should be fine.
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Load test each batt individually, I think you'll find a bad one.
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You should have something more than 24v coming out. It they are under 24v it will be very weak. I suggest pulling them out, checking the water level and give them another good charge. I also suggest load testing them. You may not have to replace them all. One bad cell and drag down the entire system.
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Since you have a meter, place the test leads so you can read the 23 volts floating voltage. Then, with the meter still hooked up, turn the jack on. if the seloniod clicks in and the battery voltage dives to a low level - say 12 - 18 volts, you have performed a basic load test and have at least one bad battery in the series string.
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