Seat Cushion


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Seat Cushion

It amazing, I've been looking at this site for over a year and did'nt think to use it for myself.

I have a 1999 Chrysler T&C whose natural leather driver's seat
cushion has been completely destroyed by the sun. The back is perfect, the seat frame is perfect and the electronics work great.

This is probably a $25.00 part (used) that will take all of 10 minutes to replace.. But so far , my only choice has been to buy a $175.00 seat including; frame, back and electronics included. Add shipping and I'm over $200.00 and spend way too much time installing it. ( I realize of course that lot of beer may help)

All I need is the #### seat cushion - Help!!!!!

Before you suggest it, I already considered an upholstry shop but they can't guarantee a match, either with the color or the appearance, plus they wanted $150.00 - shoot, I may as well have bought the entire seat I didn't need and throw the rest in a land fill to further pollute this planet. Seems like such a waste. Anyway, thanks for your help, whoever you may be.
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What exactly is your question? You get what you pay for.

This is probably a $25.00 part (used) that will take all of 10 minutes to replace.
That's what you think! Foam is very expensive, especially for good quality, hi density foam and I'll tell you from experience, it takes a lot longer than 10 minutes to make a cushion and also requires skill.
The $150 probably includes the foam, the leather fabric (also not cheap) and the labor, time and skill to make it and quite possibly an added PITA charge

If you think it's cheap and easy how about having a go at it yourself. Good luck! Beer 4U2
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Wow. Take a deep breath, I almost don't know what to say. My request was not meant as an indictment of the upholstry industry or a editorial on the price/value relationship of foam or the the intrinsix value or cost of leather.

All I wanted to know was does anyone know and can name a source (more than likely a auto scrap yard or maybe even somebodys back yard) where I can get a seat cushion that is in reasonably good shape for my 1999 Chrysler T&C from a scrapped vehicle or from discontinued stock.

As for replacing the seat cushion in 10 minutes. How long does it take to remove 4 screws ?

Sounds like somebody needs to not be so defensive. Chill out!
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You may want to check . On this site you type in vehicle info and parts you need. Used auto parts places from across the country will email you if they have the part with prices and shipping included.
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