Power Window Switch Issue


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Power Window Switch Issue

I've got a 2002 Accord and the passenger's side power window doesn't move anymore. I removed the panel, got to the wires to the power window motor and jumped them from my battery - the motor works and the window moves.

How do I figure out if I have a bad master switch, a bad slave switch or a bad electrical harness connecting master to slave? The guy at the parts store says that I should replace the master - but that is a $200 part and I don't really see why the master should fail more often than the slave.
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I would start with checking for voltage at the slave switch because the master works for all other windows. So you know power is there. I think the power starts there and goes to the slave. Otherwise how would you be able to lock out the other switches. Remember the colors of the wires on the slave so if you show no power you can check those wires at the master.If you have power there jumper the switch to see if that runs the window. If it does then there is your problem. If you have no power at the slave but do have it coming from the master then it is in the wiring between the two switches. usually it is broken (on the inside and not visible) in the area of the door to fender where it bends every time the door is open and closed. If you can get to the area where it exits and leaves then you can probe the wire at each end to check for power. As you know power will be there until the broken spot. The most likely place will be at the drivers door as it is used more than the passenger door. Sometimes you get lucky and the cover over the wires is easily pulled from the fender area and held back so you can probe the wires. But sometimes the cover is attatched inside the fender area and harder to loosen. Don't cut and tape together the cover after you are done! This will not hold together and moisture will find it's way in the door and cause even more problems. Find the wires on either side of the cover and probe them there.
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