Evap code 2003 Pontiac Boneville


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Question Evap code 2003 Pontiac Boneville

Hello all,
I have a 2003 Pontiac Boneville SE, and I keep getting an EVAP code which sets off my check engine light. I tried changing the gas cap as most folklore suggests, but it did not work. One peculiar fact is that when Ifill up the gas tank, the pump keeps popping off like it's full, but it's not. I have to fill the tank very, very slowly, indicating that there might be something in the filler or the tank preventing it. I read some forums that there are soome purge valves in the tank or outside that might be defective. Could someone shed some light where I should start looking?
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First off...The "Folklore" of changing a Gas cap for an evap code, usually works out....The legend was created primarily to try the easy cheap fix first....Before shelling out the bucks to a repair shop to diagnose it.

Having said that... Proper diagnosis requires special tools and equipment to be performed correctly...I highly doubt you will find a anything less than a Major Split in a hose, or damaged cap,by yourself.....It requires pressurizing the fuel vapor system, which outside of a "Shop" environment can be futile at best, and can turn Hazardous or even deadly very quickly....
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Thanks a lot Unclediezel. I do get a code 0443, indicating a Purge valve fault. I just don't know where the purge valve is located so I can change it. When I first start the car I hear a loud buzzing for several seconds coming from some kind of pump mounted under the trunk right above the mufler. Can that be the surge valve solenoid and the answer to my problem?

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