2000 Dodge Stratus- running real rough!! PLEASE HELP!!


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Exclamation 2000 Dodge Stratus- running real rough!! PLEASE HELP!!

I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus SE- 4 cyl- DOHC-
Its always ran very good and been a good car, but yesterday I accidently ran it out of gas. I went and got gas and put it in it and it started, ran kinda rough for a second, and then straightened itself out. We drove it for a few hours, the rest of the evening, just fine. This morning when I started it, it drove fine for about the first 15 minutes and then out of no where it started missing really bad, and barely wanting to go anywhere. It still runs, but its very rough and it misses really bad....I talked to a friend of mine that knows a little about cars and he thinks it could be an ignition coil. Im gonna replace that and see how it does.....Can someone please give me another opinion about what they think?!? Thanks
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Try to get the computer scanned (Autozone used to do it for free) and post back with what you find out; replacing parts at random can get expensive. It may be a camshaft sensor and/or crankshaft position sensor or a bunch of other ones. The empty gas tank may just be coincidental especially since it ran fine after filling it up. Good luck!

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