PCV Filter: 24V DOHC 2000 Ford Taurus


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PCV Filter: 24V DOHC 2000 Ford Taurus

Does anyone know how to get the pcv out of a 24V DOHC 2000 Ford Taurus. I took off just enough to get to it, but I cannot reach the actual pcv.

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I've heard dealers charging 350 to replace the pcv on this engine.

10mm open end wrench
10mm socket
8 mm socket
flat head screw driver
vice grips/channel lock

1)Remove air cleaner housing top (two 8mm bolts).
2)Remove air filter.
3)Remove MAF sensor clip.
4)Put air cleaner housing top off to the side.
5)Remove two 10mm throttle body bolts.
6)Remove all or some of the rubbing tubing going to the throttle body, essentially you just want it out of the way.
7)Use the pliers to remove the clamp holding the PCV upper "L" shaped rubber tubing from the UIM/Throttle body connection tube.
8)Remove the "L" shaped tube and remove the plastic tube connecting the "L" shaped tube to the lower rubber hose.
9)Use some pliers to remove the lower rubber tubing going to the PCV. It may be a bit melted and old, so try to get it all out.
10)Using the channel locks/vice grips, lock onto the PCV (note, this will crack/break it) and turn it counter-clockwise until it comes out.
11)Using the old PCV, set it inside a piece of PVC tubing. Draw an outline on the lip. This will make a template of where the corners are on the PCV.
12)Using a drimmel, remove the "white" areas where the corners of the PCV sat.
13)Put the new PCV in the new PCV rubber tubing. Put the old PCV at the other end. This will give you a long enough extension to reach the PCV mount on the engine. Turn the PCV clockwise as far as you can till it stops turning.
14)Remove the old PCV and rubber tubing.
15)Using your new tool, attach it to the new PCV and turn it until it locks in place.
16)You're done. Reassemble in reverse order.

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