Groaning from Steering Column?


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Groaning from Steering Column?

About a month ago, I acquired a 2000 Ford Taurus LX, V6 3.0 Vulcan, 124000 from a state surplus auction. Car is in terrific shape and obviously had been well maintained.

The only issue I see is a "groan" from the steering column when I turn left at low speed. The sound is a cross between a rubbing sound and a cartoon stretching sound. From inside the car, it sounds like it emanates from the steering column, but it is also audible (maybe moreso) outside the car in the wheel area. It seems to have gotten louder and more prominent over the last week or so.

It also makes a quacking, squeaking groaning sound occasionally on slope and grade changes like entering a driveway or going over a large smooth speed bump. On regular bumps and potholes there is no noise.

There is no noise when turning right. There is also no "feel" as the wheel feels the same and the cars turns as if it weren't making noise.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Grab the tie rod ends, and have an assistant rock the steering wheel back and forth. They can dry up, and "CREAK" when rotated.

Since nobody uses Grease fittings anymore, your only option is replacement.

Not really a big deal , because I have never met a Ford with over 60k that DIDNT need them replaced.
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I jacked up the front end and took a look. I found that the stabilizer bar links bushings had cracked open. Other research on the net seems to confirm the diagnosis.

I need to take the car on a 400 mile three day trip starting tomorrow AM. Is there any danger in waiting til the weekend to make the repair?

Thanks again!

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