Stalling on '03 Pontiac Grand Am


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Stalling on '03 Pontiac Grand Am

After getting a tune up at a local Pep Boys I noticed that my car would sporadically stall while driving. The radio remains on however the engine shuts down. This usually occurs when my speed is under 10 mph or just after I've shifted into reverse. In addition to this the engine does not turn over as easily when I start the car. It often takes me 2 or 3 tries before it catches. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all, today however it did. I've taken the vehicle to the dealership and another mechanic but they have been unable to replicate the problem (the dealership had the car for 3 days). I had the ignition switch replaced last year. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can approach addressing this issue. I've looked into purchasing a diagnositc code scanner. Can anyone recommend a good, affordable one?
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Could be fuel injection

Just an idea. Have you had the fuel injectors cleaned? I had similar problems in the past with a Grand Am 2.2 Ecotech and even by just adding some good injector cleaner into the gas tank, it corrected the problem after driving for a day or two. It might be worth a try and cleaner is around $5.00. If the injectors are the problem I am sure there are alot of more expensive ways to sort it out, but I would at least try the cheap and easy one first.
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I would also be looking at fuel pump or fuel filter possibly. If the filter hasn't been replaced recently (and it may or may not have been during the "tune-up") I would start with that, as it is a routine maintenance item anyway
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well first off go to and register there. Ask the same question on thier forums and thier responses will be quick. I was a registered user until I sold my GA but im betting its transmission related and its that solonoid thing.. but I read it about it alot on thier forums. But ask there and will find out fast
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