1991 mazda b2200 oil leak


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1991 mazda b2200 oil leak

i have an oil leak at the front of my engine of my 91 mazda b2200 2.2 barrel carb...the oil leak has gotten progressively worse in the last two weeks...it used to be a leak that would leave about a 1/2 to 1 inch spot on my driveway...now, every morning there is a 1-2 inch spot everyday...i am also having to put oil in more often...

i took it to a repair shop here and he thinks it is the front seal...he said i should go ahead and change the timing belt and water pump at the same time due to no more labor cost...he told me i would need to change the timing belt because if it is saturated with oil, it will really affect the belt...

he then told me i could buy the parts if i wanted to at a cheaper costs than he can get them due to his commercial account...not sure about that one...

he told me to buy the following parts: water pump, timing belt, front seal...

first of all, i don't know what the front seal is called...i looked for the part on an online parts store but can't find it...does it have another name??? also, when looking at the water pump part, there are gaskets and such...do i need these as well or do they usually come with the water pump...????

any assistance would be nice...
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Front seal maybe listed as a front crank seal. Water pump should come with gasket. Going to see if I can do a lookup on the front seal for you.
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Okay, I tried finding it on AutoZone's site but couldn't track it down. Any decent parts store will know what you need. I'm not sure how your mechanic would be paying more for parts than what you could buy them for.

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