Noise from under dash


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Noise from under dash

I've got a '93 Bonneville that gets a "whirring" noise from under the dash when you get over about 50 mph. Its kinda like a piece of plastic vibrating at high speed. It seems to be caused by air coming in and is worse going into a strong headwind. Have tried blocking air intake in front of windshield and can move heater, vent and fan controls to different positions and it doesn't make any difference. Is worse at cold temps. Have also unpluged heater fan.
Does air come in any place other than in front of windshield that a person could block?
Also have met a large truck and had the rush of air cause it to quit making the noise for a short time. Don't want to have to try and tear dash apart.
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Make sure there's nothing stuck underneath like a swath of plastic or something. Other things could be a leaf has gotten stuck in the vent system or there's a hole in a seal in the firewall.....Just some out of the box ideas.
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If you can have someone put a length of hose to their ear and listen under the dash as you drive, you might help isolate it. Seems like some cars used a sort of sticky tape to seal around firewall penetrations and such.

Also..are you sure its under the dash? Could be something under the car (heat shield, fan shroud, etc) that is transmitting the noise to the interior.
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I had something similar. I pulled the vent hoses and there was some type of tape (or plastic coating) that had came off and was lodged in there. When the heater was on, the flapping around was much more obvious. Will only tak a minute to inspect the hoses. Good Luck on it...
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I would look for a peice of plastic on the out side vibrating in the wind.

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