subaru loyale doesn't keep a charge overnight


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subaru loyale doesn't keep a charge overnight

let me first say "damn, these are great cars", okay done.

my '92 loyale doesnt want to start up after it has set overnight. if i jump it it will start up no problem just as long as i don't leave it turned off for more than a few hours. in the morning when i get in and turn the key it has enough charge to turn the flywheel for quite a while ( about thirty seconds), it just doesn't seem to get going barely fast enough to catch on and fire up. there is no subsequent clicking which rules out the starter(?) the battery is an interstate which dosen't rule it out but, , , it's a good brand.

my neighbor saw me popping the clutch after a failed attempt yesterday and hollered to me "IT'S YOUR VOLTAGE REGULATOR", does this sound right? the regulator will only run me around $60 but i just want to make sure my money is being thrown in the right direction.

thank you for your input!
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Before I started just throwing parts at it I would have the charging system and the battery both tested. Very simple tests and a lot of garages and parts houses will do them for free (hoping you'll buy the parts from them). You may simply have a battery that's not holding a charge.

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