no 3rd & 4th in 460le transmission in 1996 s-10 Blazer


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no 3rd & 4th in 460le transmission in 1996 s-10 Blazer

Another problem. I have a 1996 s-10 Blazer that 2000 miles shy of 200,000 miles and the transmission went out yesterday. It worked perfectly until about two months ago when the shift from 2-3 and 3-4 was sluggish under hard acceleration, a slip, tach would spike then it would shift. It's just a local commuter so it really wasn't a hardship, just momentary let up on the gas when it was ready to shift and in it went. I had a 48 Chrysler that shifted like that . When it started acting up I checked for DTCs, none, still none. Checked transmission wiring & plugs, no corrosion, can't see any problems there. Assume if the VSS was bad that the speedo/cruise wouldn't work, but it does. Fluid in tranny isn't burnt, was changed about 20,000 miles ago, nothing in the pan at the time, just some usual dust on the magnet. And actually it does still appear to shift, going down hill can see the tach drop as speed increases and it goes through the ranges, but touch the gas and it just revs. 1, 2 and R are fine. So how do I tell, is it electrical (ecu for example), or internal. Should have a code if it was a shift selenoid or pressure problem. Aaaargh. If it was a turbo 350 or 400 I'd just replace the vacuum modulator and all would be well again. Nice when they work, pain when they don't.
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Seems like no one wants to tackle this one, and I am not a trans man. Go over to full size they can help you

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