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I recently bought a used car and all of a sudden there are mushrooms growing in the carpet in the back. Does anyone know what to do to get rid of them? The carpet is red.
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real mushrooms or mushrooms sized spots? If real mushrooms I would guess car has been in a flood enough to fill floor boards. don't know about mushrooms but expect many problems if been in a flood.
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It is long standing moisture that would cause this as there are mushroom spores everywhere.
The vehicle could have been in a flood or what I have seen cause this is a leak in a place like a window seal or trunk/door gasket that allows water to enter on a regular basis.

You can wash the carpet with a normal carpet cleaner and you will need to dry the area well and keep it dry to prevent a future crop.
A fan and open windows will speed drying.
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mushrooms in carpet

Thanks for the replys. It wasn't in a flood (I know the previous owner), but the seal on the trunk needs to be replaced. I'll get that taken care of and then clean and air out good. Thanks again, I was really stumped!

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