96 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 Vortec running issues...


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Exclamation 96 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 Vortec running issues...

Purchased this truck when the previous owner was fed up because he couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

The issue I am having with it, which was not a complaint of the previous owner, is that it is missing under load. I does it really bad when towing a trailer but will also do it going up a hill with no trailer. It will also, about every 3rd start, it will be hard to start, run terribly and cut off, but if you immediately re-start it runs fine again.

It will sit and idle fine, sounds and runs like a million bucks, but as soon as you start down the road, it's the end of the party, it misses and stutters like it won't make it another mile. If you mash on the fuel it jumps and scoots like the worlds on fire.

What we have done: 2 airtek fuel pumps and 1 Delco fuel pump, plugs, wires, cap, button, intake gasket, different (but not new) fuel spider, fuel filter, fuel pump relay and injector cleaner.

What previous owner did: Fuel pressure regulator, plugs, wires, cat converter.

The truck runs 95% better than when we got it, but we can't seem to track down the miss and the intermittent rough start.

Can someone help please before I light a fire under it? I gotta get this beast running before the end of the month, any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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How many miles are on it? Have youy checked the ignition timing? A streched timing chain could cause the miss under load. Also check the pick-up in the distributor for a bad wire, pull on the yellow wires between pick-up and module if they pull out they are bad.
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Also, while you have the dist cap off, wiggle the rotor side to side to check for slop in the distributor shaft. Had that on mine and stumped me for a long time, twice in fact when the first replacement wore out way prematurely.
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Few adjustments made...

Tried a TPS and of course, it didn't help. Pulled the distributer out and the gear was pretty worn, changed that, runs better but is now throwing a P1345 code. The engine has almost 200K. I've got both cam and crank position sensors in hand, almost afraid to try them, been thinking it may be the timing chain although I've owned 5 suburbans and 2 tahoes that had well over 200K and never had any of these problems, never even considered putting a timing chain in any of them...the only thing I ever had to deal with was an intake gasket on a 99. I'm just baffled as to what this could be, it seems to me that the truck runs too good for anything terrible to be wrong with it.

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