1996 pontiac grand am gt


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1996 pontiac grand am gt

i have a 1996 Pontiac grand am gt the rear brakes are getting fluid but with no air do you have to bleed the abs if so how do you do it ? and where is it located?
thanks gillenb
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Well the abs system should be bled.. but in all cases.. generally you should bleed the abs first.. there are 2 bleeder screws on the master cyl... do the first one then the back bleeder.. then start start with the right rear wheel then the left rear then the front passenger side then then front driver side... after all those then the do the abs again.. front then the back one.. then all done.. They recomend that order...

PS try gaownersclub.com I was on there very helpful and quick responses
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have you opened the system? What is the problem you are having? give us a little more info??

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