98 Pontiac Transport strut bearing noise !!??


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98 Pontiac Transport strut bearing noise !!??

Hi folks have a question for you all..

Just recently I had my mini van in for 1200 bucks worth of front wheel bearings and a balljoint/wheel alignment. The mechanic mentioned that the strut bearings are noisy and should be replaced soon.

He was right.. the driver side has been making the noise on and off now for 6months or so. When I turn the wheel hard in a parking lot or something I get this binding/boingg sound. It never happens driving down the road and the wheel returns to center going around a turn ok.

Thats what my mechanic Mike said.. as long as the wheel returns to center without me having to turn it back.. I can live with the binding sound for now.

Mike also mentioned that replacing the bearings is iffy business at best and recommends replacing the whole strut at 450 a pop !

What my question you all is... Is there anything I can do to prolong the inevitable !? Maybe pack some grease in there or lube something ? Would renting a strut compressor and replacing the bearings myself be feasible ?

I really don't want to dish out another 1000 bucks as I plan on retiring the van next year. The drivetrain/interior/body panels are rock solid on this vehicle.. the rockers are rotted to hell (really bad) 155k.

Here's hoping some of you experts will chime in with a few words of wisdom.

And have a great day !

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Liquid wrench , or Penetrating oil from the wheel well upward to the "TOPS" will quiet it down ,for a short time.... But replacement is inevitable....

You could probably live with it, But when safety inspection time comes around, it will probably get "Dropkicked" as unsafe.

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