Car sputters, lose power.


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Car sputters, lose power.

Dear all,

I have a 1997 2 door Toyota Tercel. It runs great but it recently causes me a lot of headache . The problem is the car runs good below 35mph but over that speed the car sputter, loses power and can't run faster. Two mechanic shops checked my car but they couldn't nail down the cause. They said for some reason the engine misfires or doublefires and gasoline mixture escapes to the exhaustion pipe and heat/burn it. They have changed the computer and ignition control module, checked the wires, cleaned ejection, change spark plugs, temperature sensors... but nothing solves the problem.

I very appreciate any hints and suggestions from you.

Thank you
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What codes come up when it's scanned? Should be something with all that going on.

Also, how many miles on it?

The laundry list of possible causes is pretty long and many require diagnostic testing to determine if they are bad, i.e. if you just start throwing parts at it, it could get expensive before you stunbled across the right one. Here's a partial list:

Pickup coil in distributor
Plug wires (you said "checked", but depends on how they were checked)
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Catalytic converter

I'm sure I'm leaving things out.

Might want to consider a third mechanic. Did the first two have a good scanner and other diagnostic equipment?
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Thank you for your reply.
My car has 122K on it. As far as I know their scanner (OBD scanner I guess) didn't return any code. That why they are puzzled and didn't know how to fix my car.
Should I bring my car to Toyota dealers?
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I'm not a big fan of dealership service departments, so I'm the wrong guy to ask. They will probably fix it, but so may two dozen independent garages in your area and it won't cost as much. The trick, of course, is finding the good ones.
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A lot of mechanical things and fuel related issues probably wouldn't give you any codes and that capped performance could be fuel related. That is where a pressure test would come in. Any good shop would likely have done that.

What TG is saying about throwing parts at it is right. You don't want to replace that stuff on a "maybe it could be". Just about everything is over $100.00 per part.

I think I would do as suggested - try to get a third independent to look at it.
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A couple of the (radio or newspaper guys) have a list of shops that there readers have said are good,
Here is a link to there site
Car Talk
on the right side go down to mechanic files. Don't know how good they are but it's a start.

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