Temperature Gauge Fluctuates


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Temperature Gauge Fluctuates

Almost 2 years ago my 2003 Grand Cherokee Laredo (4.0L) had a problem of the dash temperature gauge fluctuating erraticly. It would be fine and then spike to the red and the check engine light would come on. A few seconds later it would drop to just below that, normal, or even all of the way down. It could sit there for a few seconds or minutes and then spike back to another level. There was never any rhyme or reason to it. I replaced the temperature sending unit? (the little $20 piece that mounts directly on the engine) which did nothing. Took it to a couple shops and they couldn't figure it out. Took to the dealer who repaired it for me and all was great.

Now two years later it is doing it again. No clue what it is. I would call the dealer who repaired it, but they are no longer open. I would prefer to not have to take it back and have another $400 repair since I know this can probably be done for a lot cheaper if I knew the actual problem. My paperwork from the dealer just shows the problem I stated and then the price to fix it. It does not give any other info.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of the problem? I can handle most things on my own, but I have to know what I am fixing. Any help would be much appreciate.
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This is simplistic, but first check your coolant level. My truck recently had the same problem and it turned out that the coolant was low.
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Also check your thermostat. It could be a bad thermostat. My 89 Dakota did the same thing, replaced the thermostat and all was good

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