Lifetime Oil Changes

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Lifetime Oil Changes

I'm in the market for a new Totoya car and the toyota dealer near me is promoting lifetime oil changes on all their cars. Is there a catch somewhere? I feel I may get hit with a cost somewhere else or later on.

My cousin who works for a Honda dealer says he has heard stories that places like this will change your oil at no cost but tell you all these other problems with your car and sometimes causing problems so they can make money later. Is that true? That's scary!
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Dishonesty in service departments doesn't necessarily coincide with the nameplate.

My wife took her Honda into a Honda service dept for a powertrain issue. Sounds expensive right? Well the good news is that the mechanic fixed the problem and the cost was covered by warranty. But the 15,000 mile service that they convinced her that she needed cost $1000 and basically consisted of prematurely redoing much of the maintenance service that I had already recently done.

I still view this as relatively harmless because they did "ask" her.
I've never heard of a serve dept. breaking something on purpose.
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Well, if you keep the car for 150,000 miles and change the oil every 3,000 miles that's 50 oil changes, about $1000 worth of value. You could, I suspose, negotiate for $1000 off the asking price instead. And yes, as with the quick lube places there is a pretty good chance you will get a li$t of optional item$ needing attention.

At least most of them have stopped recommending "junk" services like engine flushes.
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Are factory nameplate oil filters any better than the ones you find at the auto parts store? It just made me wonder.
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Store filters are fine. You can find sites where there is major discussion on this subject and whether Fram is better than Pure or Bosch etc. etc.. If the oil and filter are changed on a regular basis, the brand of filter is not all that important. If you were to go to a major manufacturer of oil filters, you would see many brand and car names rolling off the assembly line.
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Here's some discussion:

Engine Oil Filters

Note that it's from 2000 though.
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Parts store filters work just fine...They are manufactured for thr factory by many of the same Manufacturers anyway....

The problem comes into play when a Car manufacturer releases a new filter.....It takes quite a while for the other brands to catch up with an interchange.....

When discussing Motor oil.....there is a Huge difference between "IT FITS" and "Direct Replacement"

If you own a new car,Dealership filters are only a buck or two more than a parts store, and you are Guaranteed to get the Direct replacement, and avoid ANY POSSIBILITY of warranty issues from "Incorrect application Parts" parts.

Just some food for thought, and Im not by any means trying to discourage DIY in favor of service centers....BUT

A monkey can change oil....But ...The most BASIC of maintenance procedures, can have the worst of consequences if not done properly.....Oil is a Cars "Blood" Treat it the same as your wife or Child having a Transfusion.

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