Dealer or Outside


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Dealer or Outside

I plan to buy a Toyota car soon and two options that I am looking to add if not there yet is an alarm and remote starter. These options will cost from $500 - $1,000 at the dealer but cost less than $500 outside at a local electronic shop like Bestbuy, 6th Ave, etc. Is it better to go with the dealer or go outside for these options?
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I'll defer to someone else on this question. I can see advantages to going either way. I will say I think I would go with a specialty shop - alarms and accessories - vice a big box that does it as a sideline.
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ya i agree with the_tow_guy on this one. ive heard stories about someone going to best buy or circut city to have an alarm installed and the alarm wouldnt work properly. the company refused to give a refund or fix the problem. they deemed it as opperator error. i would go with a business which alarms is all they do.

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